We offer front load and rear load containers (Dumpsters)

Service areas include Bedford, Fulton and parts of Blair and Franklin Counties. New customers are always welcome! Call (814) 735-4589 or 1-800-604-6065.

2 cubic yard

Size Dimensions – 3’w x 4’h x 5’l

This container will hold 10-12 30 gallon trash bags

3 cubic yard

Size Dimensions – 5’w x 4’h x 5’l

This container will hold 15-20 30 gallon trash bags

4 cubic yard

Size Dimensions – 6’w x 4’h x 5’l

This container will hold 25-30 30 gallon trash bags

6 cubic yard

8 cubic yard
Pricing on these containers is based on how often it is emptied and the amount in it. For pricing and availability please call (814) 735-4589 or 1-800-604-6065.

Dumpsters are not for one-time use, such as home clean-ups or construction debris. For those situations we recommend you use one of our roll-off containers. Please refer to our roll-off page for sizes and dimensions.