NOT responsible for any property damage due to where contractor or homeowner requested placement of roll off.

Box can be level full. If box is overfull – ABOVE MAXIMUM FILL LINE – there will be a charge of $100.

If homeowner or contractor overloads the roll off & either we can not pick it up or if it is overweight at the scales, there will be an automatic $250 fee. If there is a wrecker involved, the customer or contractor will be responsible for the wrecker fee and/or any fines involved.


Items not allowed in the roll off box:

  • No car or truck batteries
  • No tires
  • No propane or oil tanks
  • No electronics such as TV’s or Computer components
  • You can have items with freon in them such as a refridgerator, air conditioner, freezer but there will be a $25 fee which is a state regulation.


Customer/Contractor must call when they are finished with the container. We do NOT automatically come and get them.
Please contact our office with any questions.