Please read carefully. These terms and conditions apply to all online, email, fax, phone, and person to person customer requests for services.


Customer will accept full responsibility for contents of roll off and agrees to additional charges if the roll off contains unacceptable materials or is over the allotted weight.


Do not overload the roll off, load to fill line only. Any overweight citations or legal judgments against Weaver’s Sanitation Service, Inc while hauling from the customer’s job site will be paid by customer, and/or roll off may not be hauled for safety reasons. Customer is responsible for unloading excess debris at their expense.


Customer is responsible for having a clear and accessible path for servicing containers.  If roll off is inaccessible or not ready for pick up, a trip fee will apply. Valid reasons for us to charge a customer the trip fee include but are not limited to; overloaded containers, low laying power lines or tree branches, cars or any items or materials blocking access to pick up or drop off a container, material heaped up or hanging over the sides of the container, containers that are too heavy to be removed, locked gates or fences, inaccessible driveways or parking lots for any reason(s) out of our control. The trip fee can vary depending on circumstances. This fee covers drivers pay, fuel, and time for re-routing the drivers planned schedule.


Weaver’s Sanitation Service, Inc charges a $50.00 fee to cancel your order, as long as the order is cancelled by 3pm EST on the BUSINESS day prior to delivery. Our credit card processing company charges us a transaction fee for every order we process, and our employee’s time is valuable to us Therefore, when we refund your credit card it will be for the amount we charged minus $50.00. Orders cancelled after 3pm on the business day prior to the delivery will be charged a cancellation/trip fee. This is due to the fact that our scheduling has already been completed and must be adjusted for the last minute changes.


If it rains, snows, sleets, hails, etc. while the Roll off is in your possession, please understand that Weaver’s Sanitation Service, Inc has no control over these events. This may affect the weight of your roll off. We do not have in our possession, or at our disposal, any tools or technology to prevent rain, snow, etc. from entering your roll off. The customer has the option of placing a tarp, sheets of plywood or any other type of barrier over the roll off to prevent the entry of rain or snow. Additionally, the roll offs are not water-tight and will not hold water beyond the saturation of materials in the roll off and/or a minimal pooling on the floor of the roll off. Please understand that our company has to pay the landfill for the disposal of the contents of your roll off. We are charged based on weight and if a roll off is heavier because of water saturation, we still have to pay the landfill too. No discounts or rebates will be given if rain affects the weight of your roll off.


Customer will accept full responsibility for any damage to their driveway, lawn, etc, which results from delivery and/or pick-up of roll off under the direction of the Customer or individuals working for the Customer.


Customer is responsible for any fines, impounds or costs incurred from state, county or city jurisdictions while roll off is on Customer job site.


Customer understands the no-activity time for the roll off and that at any time after the no-activity period has expired Weaver’s Sanitation Service, Inc may remove the roll off from the job site. If monies are owed on the roll off, the roll off will not be removed until the balance on the account has been paid.